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Please read our company introduction and familiarize yourself with our products and services!

The owner of our company has more than 20-year experience and practice in the field of shading- and gate systems. We have developed our company on the basis of our expertise and skills in such a way that - unlike other enterprises - our Kft's activity embraces the purchase of raw materials, manufacture and assembly as well as repairs and maintenance. In view of the wide range of our activities we can state that our products and services are among the best ones on the market.
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Rollo-Flex Árnyékolástechnika
Rollo-Flex Kft

We produce almost all kinds of products related to shading- and gate systems, however, we focus on and give preference to products of higher use and aesthetic value. We do believe that such products are much more durable, better and more beautiful than suggested by the difference in prices. Our main products are aluminium blinds (including exterior blinds, interior blinds, plasterable blinds), mosquito net systems, rolling shutters, sectional gates, awnings, pleated blinds. We can automatize the products listed above even subsequently, and we also offer gate automatization and access control solutions as well as heat- and light protection and safety covering. By reason of many years' experience we purchase basic materials for our products from the best manufacturers, e.g. Aluplast, Aluprof, Anlux, Becker, Buildingplastics, Madico or Portos. In contrast with many operators Rollo-Flex Kft. intends to establish low prices not by using cheap products of poor quality but by performing the whole of the working process. The excellent basic materials and our competent experts guarantee first-class end products. We hope that in the near future we will have a chance to prove all these above with our products for you. Before you make a decision, please take a look at our indicative prices. We are at your service with free technical advice and free quotation.

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